We believe that "ethical", "sustainable" and "socially good" gifts should not sacrifice on style! In fact, they should go hand in hand. So, our venture was formed by identifying the less known sellers who produce beautiful work. It is here that we found the high standards for style/design alongside ethical practices. Over time the concept of the genuine seller backstory and prioritisation of design was met with an amazing community response. 

We spend days, weeks and months finding sellers that meet our strict criteria. Once we find them we speak directly to the sellers and spend time to find out what makes them special. In short, if they lack an authentic story or take shortcuts we know it will not impress you. Therefore, our role is to seek out and showcase the beauty of what is out there. We hope together as a community to promote high end and ethical design. So you can rest assured we bring together some of the hardest to find sellers who deserve a voice.