British Luxury Pepper Coat - "... A voice for animals in the fashion industry"

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Beautiful midi coat made from worsted spun Wensleydale wool cloth. Buttoned with two deep front packets. A very cool coat.

Fully lined


The Story

During an encounter with an organic producer I discovered that farmers were burning and burying their wool in protest. The pittance they were paid didn’t even cover their shearing costs. One look around the High Street showed very little wool and no British wool at all. What there was, was being imported from Australasia where there is dubious animal welfare.

My only way forward would be to have my own flock. I wouldn’t breed them, I would rescue them - which is what I did. In a short space of time I rescued 600 hundred of them – ewes which had miscarried or missed a pregnancy, male lambs - if it was going to be killed I would take it. I focused on Shetlands and Wensleydales for the quality of their wool. 

I pieced together the chain of processors I would need. It took a long time. There were weavers, spinners and dyers, shutting down on a daily basis. I found the last of 52 worsted spinners in Calderdale – now shut. I tried to find a button maker, there used to be hundreds in Birmingham, the only remaining one was a working museum. Eventually in 2007 I launched my brand Izzy Lane with two imperatives – to help save the British textile industry – and closer to my heart – to give animals a voice in the fashion industry, as they had none. Up until now, there had been no traceability whatsoever of animal fibre.

The wool from our beautiful sheep which will live out their lives in peace here in the Yorkshire Dales. Your support will secure their future and ensure their voice is heard – that sheep can exist without being eaten. The animals will always come first.Many thanks for your interest.